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Company history

MAGA® company was established in 1982 as the Plastic Processing and Toy Making Plant, a company with private capital. The one-man owner is Marian Nowakowski, MSc, Eng. In the beginning, the company produced co-operative plastic elements and toys. The part of our production was exported to Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Cuba and Soviet Union. Most profits from this period were invested in the plant's development, i.e. in equipment and further adaptation of the production area. At the time, i.e. between 1982 and 1991, most of the company's machines and equipment, including injection moulding machines and extruders were purchased. The products assortment was gradually extended. The production line was changed into packaging for the chemical and cosmetics industries, and medical examination packaging (phials, AIDS and faeces test packaging) were included in the production. Thanks to constant implementation of new production lines and technical solution, the company gained the name of Innovation-Implementation Enterprise MAGA® bestowed by the Technical Progress Institute. In 1996, construction of a warehouse and a production-administration room on the company's own area was completed. A new automatic bottling machine A050SNL (purchased in 1997) was introduced into service in this room. The company's entire administration was placed here as well. Co-operation with the Danish company BOJCO A/S, manufacturing closures and screw tops, was established. As the company's representative, we provide products to firms in Poland..
In 1990, along with the production activity, another BIOTAL® enterprise was established, i.e. Medications and Medical Equipment Production and Sales Plant BIOTAL®. Within this plant's activities, co-operation with three companies in Europe was established on the principle of being their exclusive representative in Poland.
At first, it was established the co-operation with GANZONI Swiss company, that manufacturing products with graduated compression, which is SIGVARIS commercial name. These products are distributed by regional representatives network working in Poland. Next in 1996, was established co-operation with the German company Kreussler - manufacturer of the medicine named Aethoxysklerol, which is used for obliteration of legs varicose vein, oesophagus and anus.
In 1997, MAGA® and BIOTAL® plants were merged due to organizational and economic reasons. They formed MAGA-BIOTAL® as a private company owned by one person.
Between 2000 and 2002, MAGA-BIOTAL® company obtained a subsidy from public resources (EXPROM II - 0,5 export promotion program of the Ministry of Economy, and training assistance financed by Regional Development Agency), and in 2002 it started realisation of an investment project on the basic of a subsidy from the European resources of Phare Fund 2000 - Investment Subsidy Fund. Same year, it means 2002, MAGA-BIOTAL® company was equipped by the new next automatic machine for bottles production.

At present, MAGA-BIOTAL® manages vast field of activity at:
- production of packaging in capacities since 5 ml till to 1200 ml;
- display the marketing activities at medical service field

MAGA-BIOTAL® company is owner of many patents (for example: disposable surgical scalpel, pomp to pump of blood from operation's field hydraulic laboratory's press).
MAGA-BIOTAL® realizes also production for export to Czech Republic, Lithuania, Belorussia and Ukraine Republic.

We was award:
- the main prize of PAKRA?97 Fair in Cracow in category ready packaging
- medal "Wstęga Niemna" in POLEXPORT 2003 Fair in Kaunas (Lithuania).
- and a lot of diplomas for marketing and didactic activities on medical field.
- medal "Friend of Polish Flegologii"
BIOTAL® Company has been honoured by statuette from Swiss company GANZONI Cie & AG for the bigest sell dynamic and professional marketing in 2004 among the Middle-East Europe countries.

We work in support of principle:
"All of producers need honest subdeliverer"
also we take care about the co-operating us doctors and their patients assuring them regular approach to our products and good service of our sale?s network. Besides we make our best in order to inform all of them about the news in vein disorders therapy range.

In June 2005 MAGA-BIOTAL® company obtained ISO Certificate 9001:2000 no. NC-1198.

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MAGA-BIOTAL, 44-100 Gliwice, Opolska 3 street, phone/fax: (032) 2316667, phone: (032) 2791278