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Group 1
P1 bottles: B14. B16
P2 bottles: B16
P-4-1 bottles: B37
P5 bottles: B17
P6 bottles: B35
P7 bottles: B34
P8 bottles: B42, B43

Group 2
M1 bottles: B15,B18,B20,B24
T1 bottles: B29, B30
N1 bottles: B15, B18, B19,
   B20, B24
K1 bottles: B29, B30
K2 bottles: B29, B30

Group 3
NAK M bottles: B12, B15,
   B18, B19, B20, B24
NAK D bottles: B5, B6, B7,
NAK DOZ bottles: B40
DOZ bottles: B40
NAK GDA bottles: B21, B22,
R2 bottles: B27, B28
Malwa bottles: B14

Group 4
NAK 9-11bottles: B9, B10,
N 3-60P bottles: B34, B35,
N LOD bottles: B32, B33,
   B39, B42

Group 5
NAK bottles: S38 S38
C1 bottles: S26
Zakrap bottles: B1-4 B1, B2,
   B3, B4
NAK 1-4 bottles: B1, B2, B3,
NAK 1-4s bottles: B1, B2, B3,
Spryskiwacz 1 bottles: B29,
Spryskiwacz 2 bottles: B29,

Domestic closers (group 4)

Article symbol - NAK 9-11
Fit with bottles - B9, B10, B11
Comments: standard version or with polythene washer.

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Article symbol - N 3-60P
Fit with bottles - B34, B35, B19A

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Article symbol - N LOD
Fit with bottles - B32, B33, B39, B42

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